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Below you will find ALL of the gardening supplies, tools and products used during the creation of the “Growin n Showin with SJ” project.

HOWEVER, keep in mind this indoor grow system also allows you to easily Grow Your Own Organic Food as well as our favorite natural medicines. In today’s insane reality, we have to face the fact that seeds for food and “being prepared” can be worth more than FIAT, gold and silver combined!

In this grow series we cover EVERYTHING that you’ll need to SUCCESSFULLY GROW INDOORS… your own Legal CBD Hemp (any plants/veggies) or if in legal states the finest strains of God’s precious flowers!

Before getting started on the actual growing process the first and most IMPORTANT of all when it comes to growing ANYTHING is our precious water! As any gardener will tell you plants require a well balanced PH and this is especially important to growing hemp/cannabis! That being said if you live in an area where you only have “city water” it is strongly recommended that you DON’T use city/tap water for growing.

The very best option for growing is mother natures mountain spring water “aka well water”

(which is the only thing I feed our plants or ourselves for that matter lol) There is a great website called “Find A Spring.comwhere you can locate your own local “waterin hole” the other alternatives would be using R/O water (Reverse Osmosis) which is running tap water through a filter system and the last option would be the store bought spring water.

(Click the map below to find a Natural Spring near you)

The next thing is our BLESSED seeds “God’s Gift”

and as discussed it’s imperative that the seeds you purchase are from a quality trusted seed farm (as we’ve seen on “The Cannabis Show“) with a strong genetic line and “germination guarantee.” We’ve eliminated the risk for you and have approved trusted seed source (same used in show) below that carries a multitude of quality trusted seed farms.~SJ

(Click/Tap Blue Links & Images Below To Visit Approved Official Sites)

Blimburn Seeds (Legal CBD Hemp and NOW CBG) PLUS 680 Strains of THC Cannabis)

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Organic Fox Farm Soil (via Amazon)


“Natures Living Soil” Natural Organic Nutrients (via Amazon)


Complete Grow Kits


 Grow Tents


Outdoor Green Houses


Grow Lights


Ventilation Systems




Growing Accessories (timers,meters,trimmers etc)


Official Trim Bin (via Amazon)


Amber Mason Jars (via Amazon)


Digital Scales (via Amazon)



*BRAND NEW SPONSOR*  “EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS” Food/Prep Supplies…for example below is the Perfect 5 Gal Water Container for Prepared Patriots!

  • Collapsible design, making it easy to fit into tight spaces
  • BPA-free polyethylene plastic
  • Five-gallon capacity, with several days of water for one person and one day of water for up to five people
  • Heavy-duty durability (don’t worry about punctures or dents) from one of the most trusted brands in emergency preparation

*Hey Guys… JUST ARRIVED and MUCH BETTER Than We Expected!*

*** Just a friendly reminder, ALL items purchased through our website, will help support the shows and offers a TRUE Win/Win for everyone!~SJ ***