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  1. Hey brother Scout,. Mike Legel here. I really love your chanel..always have. Right now Im co-hosting a show on PSB with Lady RWB, SHE7(who just left), DDHAUGEN….pretty much 6 days a week. I do news n reviews, n teach bible on our Good News Hour, n sometimes do my presentation about Covid, Illuminati part in it, Rockefellers involvment in all this, and other related issues.
    I was wondering if theres any place or room for what i do on your chanel. Id love to talk to you about it more. You can ask She7 as a reference since we worked together. Anyway, just wondering,. cuz I really believe that what Im presenting and teaching is absolutely neccessary for our folks to know to be able to be better eqipped for the coming days. Cool. Let me know whenever its convienient for you brother. Til then…
    Be well…..God bless…. Mike Legel. (818)221-5797

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